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Available Jobs - Electrical / Electronics / Instrumentation(6)

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General Manager
Our client is looking for a General Manager to join their team. This is an international company with employees based in both Harare and the United States.

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Do your research

Fail to plan, and you plan to fail. You are certain to be asked specific questions about the company, so make sure you've done your homework on things like their last year's profits and latest product launches. Also take a look at the latest developments in the industry so you can converse with confidence.

Available Jobs Electrical / Electronics / Instrumentation

Our Client is a well recognized hospitality organisation who is now looking for an Electrical Repairs and Maintenance Officer to join the team.Read More

The role will take responsibility for -
General Repairs and Maintenance within the business
Sound and lighting
Overseeing the PA system during functions
Overseeing the overhead projector during functions
Music during functions

  • Industry: Electrical / Electronics / Instrumentation
  • Salary: $1,300 Gross

Required Skills

2 Years of Experience
Should have a relevant degree or diploma or be a Journeyman on the electrical side.
Key Skills
Must have electrical experience, including sound, lighting, general maintenance, etc

Additional Requirements


Our client is looking for a Camera Repair Technician to join their team
Read More

Diagnose and fix problems with conventional or digital cameras
Discover the root of the problem
Repair or replace the defective part
Cleaning and lubricating cameras and lens
Calibrating light meters and timing instruments
Testing equipment performance

  • Industry: Electrical / Electronics / Instrumentation
  • Salary: Negotiable

Required Skills

3 Years of Experience
Electronics training<br> Prior experience repairing cameras <br>
Key Skills
Working with hands
Problem solving
Attention to detail
Knowledge of blueprints and technical manuals
Strong problem solving skills

Additional Requirements


Our Client is a very stable organisation who is now looking for a Hatchery Supervisor to join their team who is also a qualified Electrician. Read More

The role will take responsibility for -
Supervising the day to operations of the Hatchery
Equipment and machine maintenance.

  • Industry: Electrical / Electronics / Instrumentation
  • Salary: Negotiable

Required Skills

3 Years of Experience
Class one or Class two electrician.
Key Skills
Proven track record in machine maintenance
Experience in maintaining heaters, air-conditioning units, ventilation equipment and refrigerators is prerequisite.
Experience in maintain hatchery equipment will be a distinct advantage.

Additional Requirements


Our Client is a large, established organisation who is now looking for a Refrigeration Technician / Supervisor to join the team.Read More

The role will both hands-on in terms of working on refrigeration - repairs and maintenance as well as managing from a supervisory side taking on responsibility of managing the ammonia refrigeration plant.
Checks and ensures that all refrigeration equipment and machinery is kept in good running order at all times
Carries out all the mandatory hourly checks and records findings on log sheets provided.
Maintains and fills in the refrigeration log book daily.
Monitors and maintains set levels of Ammonia gas cylinders, Grasso No 9, Oil, Air conditioning glycol and condensor dosing chemicals.
Monitors chemical dosing of all condensers in conjunction with dosing adjustments as instructed by Chematron, Condenser analysis contractors.
Controls access into the plant and ensures that no persons enter the Refrigeration Plant room without the authority of the Maintenance Manager.
Observes all contract work and servicing being done in the plant room and provides periodic updates to Maintenance Manager and Workshop Supervisor.
Maintains all safety breathing and fire fighting equipment within the Refrigeration Plant room and its surrounds in pristine condition.
Maintains a high standard of housekeeping in the Plant room.
Reports any faults on the Refrigeration equipment to the Workshops Superviosr and Maintenance Manager.
Carries out maintenance and repair works on the refrigeration and other equipment outside the plant as and when instructed by the Management.
Conforms with Companys the quality assurance programme as set out in SOPs and company guidelines.
Monitors the utilization of available resources to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness
Provides regular update on works in progress.
Attends to weekend duties as per stand by schedule.
Performs any other duties as directed by Superiors.

  • Industry: Electrical / Electronics / Instrumentation
  • Salary: $1,500 Gross

Required Skills

6 Years of Experience
Qualified in Refrigeration
Key Skills
Must have 6 years experience in refrigeration, have worked with ammonia units and have managed staff.

Additional Requirements

Refrigeration Trucks

Our Client is an excellent organisation, who is now looking for a Maintenance Manager to join their team.Read More

Maintains all Hatchery equipment and machinery in good working order.
Manages all the day to day operations of the hatchery maintence and ensures that these are carried out according to set down Company procedures.
Familiarises with and fully implements the Company quality assurance program as set out in the Standard Operating Procedures, Quality Control Manual Audit requirements and company guidelines. Recommends any changes to SOPS to superior.
Monitors and controls the utilization of available resources to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness. Recommends cost cutting measures to improve efficiency and effectiveness
Monitors machine (hatchers/setters) performance, attends to all emergencies, provide leadership, train subordinates on chick handling and grading with the global aim to produce and deliver 100% perfect chicks to local and external customers
Analyses data on individual machine performance and uses the information for problem identification and provision of solutions to such problems. Data analysis should embrace breakouts, hatchability and chick quality parameters
Assigns duties to subordinate staff and monitors their performance. Identifies training needs for subordinates and conducts on the job training and liaises with the manager for other necessary training.
Over sees the maintenance of correct and up to date production and labour records. Provides correct production, stock and labour information as required by Superior
Administers discipline and handles grievances in terms of the Code of Conduct.
Enforces and complies with the Company’s health and safety policies and procedures.
Initiates and follows up orders for all the sectional requirements and ensure timeous delivery i.e. equipment, spare parts, and other materials and consumables
Provides regular update reports on work in progress.
Attends to weekend duties as per stand by schedule.
Perform any other duties as directed by the Manager from time to time

  • Industry: Electrical / Electronics / Instrumentation
  • Salary: Highly negotiable

Required Skills

5 Years of Experience
Must have an electronics degree or related
Key Skills
1. Chicken Incubators and Hatcher Machines and their ELECTRONIC CONTROLS
2. Air conditioning and ventilation equipment
3. Standby Electricity generators
4. Air compressors
5. Water supply and purification equipment
6. Cold room and other refrigeration equipment
7. Poultry vaccination equipment

Additional Requirements

Air Conditioning
Refrigeration Equipment

Our client within the ICT/Manufacturing industry is looking for a Electronics Engineering Manager to join their teamRead More

Create user-friendly interfaces;
Ensure safety regulations are met;
Carry out project planning and prepare budgets;
Supervise technicians, craftspeople and other colleagues.
Oversee two assembly lines and manage a staff of up to 400.

  • Industry: Electrical / Electronics / Instrumentation
  • Salary: Negotiable

Required Skills

5 Years of Experience
Electronic Engineering Degree
Key Skills
The candidate will have :
Design, develop and test components, devices, systems or equipment that use electricity as part of their source of power.
Aspects of a project and day-to-day operations
Work with colleagues to design new systems, circuits and devices or develop existing technology;
Final manufacture and implementation of a new product or system.
Systematically improve the detailed design of a piece of electronic equipment;

Additional Requirements

telecommunications engineering.
signal processing