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Workshop Manager - Heavy Vehicles
Our Client is a very stable regional transport company who is now looking for a Workshop Manager to join the team.

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Available Jobs Mozambique

Our client is looking for an Operations Manager to join their team in Beira, Mozambique
Although we do not have a full job description for this position yet I can advise that the successful candidate will have experience in the transport industry, with a focus on cross boarder experience, someone that is energetic and has an interest in sporting activities outside of work, the team there often have sporting evens/running/cycling activities in their free time, someone that has a spark in their eye, an enthusiastic person with a zest for life would fit in very well. The role is open to anyone of any nationality, age or gender as long as they can fit the description above. More mature applicants will just need to be able to run rings around their younger subordinates...literally! A keen like of health and fitness is a must for this company.

  • Industry: Transport / Shipping /Logistics
  • Salary: Negotiable depending on experience

Required Skills

4 Years of Experience
Key Skills
Energetic<br> Cross boarder transport experience<br>

Additional Requirements


The Zim Operations Manager ensures the efficient, profitable and professional running of the Zim Operations Department and all its sub-divisions inside of Mozambique, managing and controlling both individuals and processes falling within this category, including subcontractor representatives at BeirRead More

The Zim Operations Manager manages the day-to-day activities of the operations team, oversees tasks for the Zim Operations Department of the Company, takes ownership, attends to cost effectiveness, ensures the smooth running of the Zim Operations Department and protects and promotes the Company brand/image.
Outline of Duties & Responsibilities:
Manage sub-contractor representatives and the company Desk employees in Beira;
Manage Operations departments including Port Office & Weighbridge and develop employees to optimize performance by providing support, training and motivation;
Develop and lead a team in the planning and execution of day-to-day activities in a safe, professional, efficient and cost effective manner;
Create and implement SOP’s where deemed necessary to enhance operational processes;
Attend and provide solutions to queries ex-sub-contractors, clients and agents and create positive relationships between all parties;
Ensure loads availability by liaising with both old and new clients daily;
Responsible for maintaining the loads available report;
Responsible for loads allocation;
Attend and resolve queries regarding Import and export cargo into and out of Beira;
Request assistance from other departments for the Zimbabwe and/or subcontractors needs I.e. Cashier, Procurement, Legal, Workshop and so forth;
Deal with driver related problems for drivers within Mozambique and loads ex-Mozambique;
Responsible for scrutinizing & authorizing driver and load related cash payments;
Responsible for checking and reconciling Mozambique customs submissions to ensure flow of vehicles in transit through Mozambique;
Responsible for checking and reconciling export Mozambique Customs submissions handled under the company bond;
Manage declarations per subcontractor per month;
Assist with development of internal information systems including Magic Eye and FMS, and use them during the course of work;
Ensure that dispatches and deliveries ex-Beira are kept up to date;
Ensure tracking (manual and online) is sent through to Clients on a daily basis;
Ensure professional service is provided to small and large clients – providing solutions to all problems;
Ensure compliance with relevant legislation including HR requirements and internal policies and promote awareness of Health and Safety by employees and that they carry out tasks in a safe environment;
Report to Management/Legal and HR Departments any deviation from regulations and any misconduct by staff and ensure corrective actions or disciplinary proceedings where necessary are taken;
Report any incident, misconduct or theft to Legal Department and Management and ensure that all company and legal interests are followed up;
Ensure that information related to the interests of the company and the markets within which they operate are communicated to management;
Contribute with any innovative ideas or ways that may improve the operations and efficiency of the company and share/communicate it in a proper manner to management;
Perform other tasks as may be required by the General Manager and/or CEO.
Regular Office working hours are:
From Monday to Friday
07h30 – 12h30
13h30 – 17h30
07h30 – 12h30

  • Industry: Transport / Shipping /Logistics
  • Salary: Negotaible

Required Skills

3 Years of Experience
Academic Background: Relevant educational qualifications and training;<br> Experience required (minimum/maximum): with 3-8 years, with relevant management experience in a similar role within the transport industry;<br> IT knowledge: excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office products (excel; word; power point);<br> Age (minimum / maximum): 28-35;<br> Others: English – good level of the English language, both written and spoken;<br> Knowledge of Portuguese is an added advantage;<br> Good knowledge of local organization and regional market;<br> Time availability;<br>
Key Skills
Good communication and Co-operation skills;<br> Strong customer and human resources relationship management skills;<br> Details orientation (accuracy and quality orientation when working);<br> High levels of responsibility and accountability;<br> Hard worker, with high levels of dedication;<br> Energetic hands-on individual with strong leadership skills;<br> Results orientated and good time management skills;<br> Planning and Organizational Skills;<br> Able to establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers and Managers.<br> Conflict management ability;<br> Decision maker and quick thinker;<br> Pro-active management style with initiative, dynamism and assertiveness approach.<br> Good judgment and ability to lead by example by demonstrating high ethical and moral behaviour whilst ensuring compliance with the Health, Safety, Environmental & Security and Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption policies for yourself and any of your direct reports;<br> Show high

Additional Requirements


Our Client is looking for a Farm Manager for a Macadamia Nuts plantation in Mozambique. Read More

This is a position with long term opportunity for the right candidate. We are seeking a FARM MANAGER to establish and develop macadamia nuts. Responsible for the day to day management of operations on the farm.

  • Industry: Agriculture
  • Salary: Negotiable

Required Skills

15 Years of Experience
Outstanding work ethic<br> Experience in managing a farming enterprise<br> Good managerial and time management skills<br> Good Mechanical knowledge<br> Computer literacy<br> An aptitude for record keeping and operational precision<br>
Key Skills
Working with our head office for administrative requirements<br> Managing land preparation and planting of trees<br> Overseeing and working with various contractors during the development phase<br> Management of operations including, fertilization, irrigation, spraying, pruning, harvesting and conditioning of nuts for maximum sustainable yield and quality<br> Liaising with industry stakeholders, specialist consultants, suppliers and customers; and Developing and ensuring safe and environmentally sound farming practices<br>

Additional Requirements